Microsoft Azure Security Program

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Next Batch Starts: 1 June, 2024
Only 10 learners per batch

Program Duration: 3-4 Months

Learning Format

Microsoft Azure Security Program Overview

The Microsoft Azure Security Program is meticulously crafted to arm individuals with the expertise and proficiency essential for excelling in the field of cloud security. Participants will engage with a robust curriculum that encompasses diverse aspects of securing cloud infrastructures, protecting data, and evaluating risks within the Azure ecosystem. The program underscores practical strategies for securing cloud environments, ensuring that participants are thoroughly equipped to identify and address security threats effectively in Microsoft Azure.

Key Features

Advanced learning plans to get strong base on skills needed for a successful career

Practice in live coding environment and receive feedbacks on your code that builds coding potential.

Personalised Mentorship: Boost your confidence with mentorships, mock interviews and guidance

Engage with our community of learners and experts to receiving valuable support and insights

From basic to advanced level of coding will be explained until you reach an expertise level

Access to class Recordings that offers you to learn & practice at your comfortable times.

Course Plan

  • The evolution of Cybersecurity
  • Cybersecurity & situational awareness
  • The Cybersecurity skills gap
  • Difference between Information Security & Cybersecurity
  • Cybersecurity objectives
  • Cybersecurity Roles
  • Infrastructure Terminology
  • Designing with Security in Mind
  • Network Topology
  • OSI Layers &
  • TCP/IP Model
  • IPv4 & IPv6
  • Ports & protocols
  • Port numbers
  • Firewalls
  • Network Topology
  • VPNs and VPN Concentrators
  • Intrusion Detection Systems
  • Ports & protocols
  • Router
  • Switch
  • Proxy
  • Load Balancer
  • Access Point
  • Network Access
  • Control (NAC)
  • Mail Gateway
  • Bridge
  • What is Ethical Hacking
  • Types of Hackers
  • Types of Hacking
  • Phases of Ethical Hacking
  • Threat and Attack Terminology
  • Malware and Crypto-Malware
  • Miving in a World of Viruses
  • Symptoms of a Virus Infection
  • How Viruses Work
  • Types of Viruses
  • Managing Spam to Avoid Viruses
  • Antivirus Software
  • Understanding
  • Various Types of Application/Service Attacks
  • Identifying Denial-of-Service and Distributed
  • Denial-of-Service Attacks
  • Man-in-the-Middle Attacks
  • ARP Poisoning
  • Man-in-the-Browser
  • Zero-Day Exploits
  • MAC and IP Spoofing Attacks
  • OWASP TOP 10 (Web Application Attacks)
  • Phishing
  • Ransomware
  • Mitigate threats using Microsoft 365 Defender
  • Mitigate threats using Microsoft Defender for Endpoint
  • Mitigate threats using Azure Defender
  • Microsoft Sentinel Environment – Configuration
  • Microsoft Sentinel Environment – Connecting Logs
  • Microsoft Sentinel Incidents,Threat Environment – Response
    , UEBA and Monitoring
  • Basic Perform Threat Hunting with Microsoft Sentinel
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Tuition Fee

Rs.50,000/-(Excluding GST)

Rs.59,000/-(including GST)

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